A brand new flywheel.co

Author: Matt Higgins | 1 minute read

A brand new flywheel.co

We've been hard at work for our clients and we're finally ready show you all of the new projects we've been a part of. In January of 2014 we started Flywheel because we wanted to do work we loved and were proud of, with clients as ambitious and excited as we were. We’ve gotten to work on some great projects and we’ve finally launched a new website, portfolio and blog. It may be 2018 but our mission hasn’t changed and our excitement hasn’t faded.

Seeing the forest for the trees

When we decided it was time to re-design the site we thought about what we wanted to build and why. Our primary goal was and is to show our work. Our work is what defines us. Each project is a tree in the Flywheel forest. The new design intentionally gets out of the way of our projects. We’ll be adding new portfolio pieces frequently and we can’t wait to get all of our work out there.

Under the hood

We started from scratch. In the internet world, 1 month is a long time and nearly 4 years is an eternity. Not only did the previous website no longer represent our work the right way but it was also an ancient relic in internet years. It was time to build everything shiny and new… and then do it again.

The new website is built on Laravel and Vue JS with a custom project builder, blogging system and a lot more. An important piece of the new website puzzle was making it easy for everybody at Flywheel to contribute. We custom built each section so that it’s as easy as possible for the whole team to get involved.

Keep moving

“Keep moving” has been a core value of ours. It’s part of why we called ourselves Flywheel. At the bottom of every page we encourage you to keep moving. If it’s recent work, next projects or recent articles you’ll always have a chance to keep moving. Every page on the new site has a “next page” link so you can continue discovering more.

Flywheel Co. : Matt Higgins - Co-founder & Lead Programmer
Co-founder & Lead Programmer

Matt Higgins

Matt is a co-founder, creative director, and programmer at Flywheel. He's made literally tens of people laugh in his lifetime and is always looking for the next problem to solve.


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