Lil' Franz Cake Bites

Lil' Franz Cake Bites

Lil' Franz Cake Bites are tiny cakes with big attitude. We worked closely with the founder to develop a fun and approachable brand from the ground up. Starting with the name we worked through the identity design, brand language, packaging, photography, and a responsive website that truly bring these little cakes into the big leagues. Have a look at some of our favorite pieces from this project and meet your new best Franz!

  • Naming
  • Identity Design
  • Brand Development
  • Packaging
  • Copywriting
  • Responsive Website
  • Photography
Lil' Franz Identity Design

Brand Identity Design

We knew these tiny cakes needed a fun and approachable brand that delivered an impact as big as the ambition of these treats. After finalizing our naming process with Lil' Franz, it all started to fall together. Stay awhile and let's be Franz.

Lil' Franz Cake Logo
Lil' Franz Business Card Designs

Playful and Effective Package Design

The package design was a fun challenge for us. We needed to bring the identity into a physical box that would make an impact on shelves, meet food-safe requirements, and also allow the customer to see the cakes. Working closely with packaging vendors, we created multiple variations of box sizes to allow these cakes to be sold in various quantities.

Lil' Franz Box Size Comparison
Lil' Franz Cake Bite Box
Lil' Franz Packaging Design
Lil Franz Packaging Design
Lil Franz Promotional Setup

Product & Packaging Photography

For a unique product like Lil' Franz, capturing the scale of the cakes as well as the attitude of the brand was important. Over the course of two photo shoots that focused on the cakes and the packaging, we delivered impactful imagery that's as beautiful as the cakes are delicious. We turned our Houston Heights office into a friend of the Franz while we planned pre-production and then captured the feeling in both shoots.

Scale and Flavor

While each type of cake has its own flavor they all share one thing; these lil' cakes are tiny. Keeping the same visual language as the identity and packaging, we wanted to bring levity to the photoshoot by showing the scale of the cakes and the wonderful flavors in a fun way. You could say we're Franz with benefits.

Lil' Franz cakes stacked on hand
Strawberry Lime Cake Bites
Blueberry cake bites - Lil Franz
Lil' Franz Branding

A Website for Lil' Screens & Big Ones

Using all of the visual assets we created and photographed we designed a fun, responsive website. Our main focus with the site is to provide a unified and engaging experience across multiple devices. The website communicates flavors and the scale of the cakes, while also providing useful information about how and where to purchase.

Managing Content; Made Easy

Lil' Franz is always interested in creating new flavors and experimenting with their recipes. An important aspect of the site was making sure that we could add and edit the flavor offerings easily while still keeping the structure of the site in tact and always sticking to the brand message. We customized Wordpress as a powerful content management system, giving the owners as much control of the website as they do their flavors.

Lil' Franz responsive website design
Lil' Franz Website & Packaging

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