BlendIn Coffee Club

BlendIn Coffee Club

We partnered with our friends at BlendIn Coffee Club to bring their tree-to-cup coffee experience to life. The owner of BlendIn has an impressive resume of achievements and accolades in the coffee industry. From the start, we knew this would be a project that would shine. Before any beans were roasted or any leases were signed, we developed a clean, crisp brand that complimented their vision and their dedication to coffee. We worked closely with the BlendIn team to create the brand identity, brand language, menu system and a flexible e-commerce website. If you ever pass through Sugarland, Texas make sure to stop by one of the most "Instagrammable" cafes you'll ever see.

  • Identity Design
  • Brand Development
  • Packaging
  • Copywriting
  • E-commerce Website
  • Menu System
Blend In Coffee Club logo

Pursuing the right balance

BlendIn needed an identity system flexible enough to be comfortable on a monument, a saucer, coffee packaging, and everything inbetween. Our team produced a variety of marks to be used on multiple applications while remaining clean and on-brand.

BlendIn secondary logo
BlendIn coffee pouring
Coffee in Blend In cup

Visually communicating the flavors

BlendIn combines their knowledge of chemistry, coffee beans, roasting, and brewing methods to create the perfect cup. We created cards to communicate the flavor notes of each bean. Each coffee has an abstract pattern whose colors hint at the flavors within. Gold foil on the white, vacuum-sealed bags brings elegance and quality to the packaging that truly represents the time and effort put into each roast.

BlendIn Coffee Cards
Coffee Brand Textures
Blend In Coffee Collage

More than coffee, more than a website

BlendIn is more than just a coffee shop. Our team created a responsive online presence to match their brand and in-store experience. Built on a powerful content management system, the team at BlendIn has full control over content, products for sale, events, and news.

Intuitive filtering

We created an intuitive and unique filtering system based on flavor profiles for their e-commerce store. Drag and drop until you've dialed in the perfect roast.

BlendIn Responsive Website Design

Working with BlendIn

Working with the team at BlendIn was truly a pleasure. The amount of passion that they brought to us about coffee and their craft really resonated with our goals as a business. Their eye for design and understanding of its value allowed us the opportunity to create something special. We were able to deliver their team all of the elements necessary to build upon the brand and grow with a unified look and message.

Located in Sugarland, TX

Whether you're passing through, a Houston or Sugarland resident, or just really love coffee; you have to visit BlendIn Coffee Club. It is a beautiful cafe with some of the best coffee you'll ever drink (we promise).

In the press

BlendIn Exterior Signage
Blend In Coffee Club Logo

What BlendIn Coffee Club has to say.

The Flywheel Co. team did an amazing job expressing our attitudes and visions in specialty coffee to our customers. They are creative, inspiring and efficient. More importantly, they are passionate about what they do.

- Weihong Zhang, Owner

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