Magellan International

Magellan International

Magellan International is an advisory firm that empowers business and career excellence. They had built a very successful business pairing Fortune 500 companies with high-performing C-class leadership. As the business grew, their brand no longer represented them as a company. We partnered with Magellan to guide them through a complete rebrand of their business.

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Simplifying a complex industry

Navigating the complexities of search, acquisition, and integration of high impact career positions can be daunting. The idea of complexity that has structure and can be broken down into individual parts then reformed is something that resonates with us. For this project we built out custom iconography that was complex, yet simple at the same time.

Empowerment and growth

We wanted to visually represent what Magellan International does as a company. They enable clients to grow their businesses and empower their candidates to grow their careers. This concept of growth, empowerment, and complexity was the driving force behind the new website. With custom animations and visual assets we delivered a brand new website that looks beautiful on every screen and truly represents who Magellan International is.

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Magellan International Custom Icons
Magellan International Website Design Sample

What Magellan International has to say.

Working with Flywheel Co. was an absolute pleasure. Their ability to transform our abstract ideas into a tangible website was inspiring and it reinvigorated our company’s branding. Their creativity and flexibility made working with the team extremely productive and enjoyable.

- Jonathan Phillips, Founder & CEO

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