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Brand Strategy

A well-defined and executed brand strategy has an impact on every aspect of your business. It's not just the name, the logo, the look-and-feel. It includes how your customer's feel when they interact with your brand. We help you successfully navigate the complexities of brand strategy.

Brand Naming

Your brand's first words

We work with you to get to the core of the business and how we can bring a unique, memorable and thoughtful name to the brand. Your brand's name is often the foundation of the design and brand ethos.


Brand positioning

We help you to define your audience. Knowing which brands they relate to helps us refine the market space we want to occupy. We outline brand attributes that embody the interests, opinions, and attitude of the lifestyle we are looking to project.

Strategy Guidelines

Moving forward with confidence

A sound strategy empowers your business to grow with direction. These guidelines will define your positioning and messaging to ensure that in every touchpoint, whether web, print, packaging or any other collateral, your brand stays consistent.

Your brand strategy is more than a good story.

Every brand has a story and throughout the brand strategy process we talk about this story quite often. A brand is more than a story, though. In a world of constant market change and new technologies, you have to be able to send the right message in every aspect of your business to reach the right audience.

A brand that speaks with clarity is a brand that is heard.

It is crucial for brands today to "speak" clearly. Clarity does not equate to minimal or modern because minimal and modern might not be the strategy that best reflects your interests or the interests of your customer. It means that in your brand presence you are strengthening your position in the world of competing businesses and doing so confidently. When we say "speaking with clarity", we mean all aspects of your customer facing business. A clear, unified visual language coupled with thoughtful textual language can make all the difference in the world.

Defining your audience

Not every business is designed to interact with every person. That means you need to fully understand who it is that is buying, consuming, using and interacting with your product. At Flywheel, we'll help you define your audience and position your brand in a way that best communicates with that consumer base. You can't speak with clarity if you don't know who you're speaking to.

Moving forward with a plan

An often overlooked aspect of brand design and development is the question "What happens now?". How do you continue to push your business while staying on message? We work with our clients to develop a strategy to succefully grow the brand and connect with the right audience. When you have guidelines for communication with your customers and the "outside world", the tough questions become easy questions.

  • How should we phrase this to speak to our customer base?
  • What brand touch points should we provide for this press release?
  • In what tone do we want to write this blog post? Who are we writing this blog post for?

These types of questions should already have a unified answer. It brings us back to our point about "speaking with clarity". Solving brand problems before they are problems is essential. We work with you to answer these questions early and define how the answers should address the question from your brand's perspective. With a comprehensive brand strategy guideline you can be certain of how you are communicating with the world.

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