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Web Development

We are a web design & development agency in The Heights of Houston, TX. Our goal is to deliver top-tier, in-house programming that is user focused and is an extension of the company. We create modern and engaging user experiences with current technologies that bring your brand onto the web in a unique and easy to manage way.

Website Design

Usable, beautiful websites on every screen

We design every website with a focus on the audience it's intended for. We create engaging experiences that translate to fit the size of the screen your customer is using. Beautifully designed and coupled with impecable programming, your website is an extension of your brand.

Content Management Systems

Making controlling your content easy

We build our sites to be easy to use and easily controlled by you. We've built sites in more content management systems than we can count but our expertise is in Wordpress and Laravel development. No matter what the challenge is, we've got the talent to make it happen.

E-Commerce Development

Selling your product on the web

No single e-commerce solution fits all scenarios. We are experienced building e-commerce websites using popular platforms like Woocommerce and Shopify. Some projects call for an even more personalized payment approach where we'll develop a custom payment system.

Web design & development in Houston; serving... everywhere,

We're an agency that focuses on using content, design, and top-tier development practices to deliver engaging and user friendly websites. If you don't already have a site we work with your team to take you through each step of creating a website from the ground up. If you already have a website we'll assist in transitioning all of the parts that you like into the new design and development. Your website is an extension of your brand that should represent your business as positively as any other brand element.

Full service web development

We have a full-stack development team that can take the website from zero to live. We are deeply experienced in all layers of web based development. From the server, to the database to the javascript on the front-end; we handle it all. Our ability to control the process from the very start to the very finish let's us produce a unique and customized experience.

Working with us

For all of our web development projects we have a four phased approach. It's critical to start with a solid understanding of what's being built, who it's being built for and what the quantifiable goals are for success.

  • Planning & Content Development : We work with you to get information about your business and your goals for a new website. From there, we'll do internal research on the project to build out a strategy document, sitemap and wireframes. These documents will give us the foundation for content requirements.
  • Design : Based on the progress made in the planning phase we'll take what we've learned and translate those into flat design files that represent the look and feel of the new site.
  • Development : In this phase we'll build out the customer facing portion of your site and any CMS implementations that are necessary. For standard websites we'll keep you in the loop as we add features and move throu the development phase.
  • Launch : Launching a website is more than just taking the code from the development server to the production server. We'll handle all the steps of geting your website live to the world.

After your new website goes live

We won't leave you high-and-dry. Our best work is done when we get to partner with the companies we work with. That means we're in it for the long haul. We have a connection to the work we do and we stand by what we build. Your site was designed and developed by us and we want it to succeed as much as we know you do. Our clients are more like partners in the success of the website. If you've read this far, the point is that we will be here in the short term and the long term after your site goes live.

Wordpress development & content management

We have extensive knowledge of Wordpress and the core code base. At Flywheel we've built a tool that let's use rapidly build and customize the Wordpress administrative section to make controlling your site as easy as possible. Using Wordpress' functionality where it makes sense and building new features where it doesn't.

Other content management systems

Throughout our careers we've worked in a lot of different content management systems. Not every website needs the same functionality and that means no one CMS rules them all. While our preference is to use Wordpress or a more custom application we can work within a wide range of content management systems.

Staying current without chasing trends

Problem solving is in our DNA at Flywheel. Today's internet is like dog years... in hyperdrive. If you don't keep up with the most current development practices you're behind the times and if you chase every new technology you'll go crazy. With over 30 years of collective experience we have the knowledge and understanding to keep our development skills current while making sure we're creating a product that will last.

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We are a full-service design agency with expertise in brand development, print design, website design and development, web application design and development, and photography. Dive into each of our service offerings to learn more.

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