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Through years of building small and large-scale applications, we've honed our skills at programming for the web. If we aren't working on a client project, we're likely working on our own. We have the experience to take ideas to fully realized web based software. If you bring us a challenge, we'll bring the solution.

Application Architecture

Laying the application's foundation

No two applications are alike but the fundamentals of creating them are tried and tested. We extensively plan and construct the architecture and user flow of the application before any design or code hits the screen, laying the foundation for an application base that stands the test of time; even when it's internet hyper-drive time.

API Development

Communicating with the outside world

APIs are increasingly used in the modern internet to communicate between different types of software. We have extensive experience with developing and implementing APIs. We also integrate with existing APIs to enhance the experience of our web development projects.

User Experience

How the user interacts with the application

The way the user interacts with your application is arguably the most important aspect of any software. It can look beautiful and load quickly but without an intuitive and usable interface, you're left with an expensive bit of unusable code. We place a heavy focus on an intuitive and clean user experience.

We don't just build websites; we build software for the web.

As a team, we consider ourselves professional problem solvers with a specialization in design and programming for the web. Much of our work requires us to take early ideas and turn those into beautiful applications with intuitive user experiences. Often times we are approached about projects that don't fit the mold of a typical website or e-commerce store. We thrive on these types of projects because it gives us the chance to build unique software for the web and challenges us to think about the idea from every angle.

What's the difference between a website and a web application?

Well, technically nothing. A website and a web application are both pieces of software written to be accessed through your web browser on your phone or computer. With a web-based application we can reach further into the idea and interact with your users in unique ways. A website, from Flywheel's perspective, usually fits into a content management system that we can customize for specific needs. A web application is a "from scratch" code base where we'll design the architecture, database and servers to fit a specific use case.

For example, on our partnership with Southern Goods we built out a web application that allowed bar managers to update a digital tap wall directly from their phone; in real-time. Using web-based technologies we were able to provide a unique solution that saved time for staff and kept customers up to date on what beers were available.

Software that can scale

We aren't fans of buzz words because they're often misunderstood or thrown around without any real meaning. For example, ask the person next to you to define what "The Cloud" means. Now find another person and ask them. You'll either get two different answers or you'll get the same answer... "I don't know".

For our more in-depth application projects we build an architecture for the web, hosted on reliable servers with the ability to scale up or down as needed. In layman's terms it means that as more users are interacting with your application the more power your software will need to support it. Having the ability to adjust with your userbase is important and a team that can build the architecture to support it is the foundation.

Building and interacting with APIs

Passing information into and out of an application is essential on the modern internet. To exchange information from one application to another we build and interact with APIs (Application Programming Interface) so that information can be securely sent from one program to another over the web. An API is essentially a protocol for communicating with two different pieces of software. At Flywheel, we build and use APIs just about every day. Whether it is building an internal API, using Algolia to perform advanced searches, implementing the Twilio API for automatic text messages, or anywhere in between we are experienced in building and consuming modern APIs.

Keeping current with modern web technologies

The internet progresses at a lightning pace. A few years on the web is an eternity. We make it a focus to stay up to date with the technology so that we can deliver solutions to our clients that will last. Our experience in building software gives us a leg-up in weeding out technologies that won't stand up to the test of time. We don't chase the shiny objects but we don't stay stagnant. Keeping up with the web while making informed, experienced decisions on which technologies to pursue is something we do well.

We want to hear from you

Do you have an idea that doesn't fit the mold of a typical website? We would love to hear from you. Taking ideas and turning them into real-life, usable software gets us excited. Head over to our contact page and let's get the conversation started!

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