Flywheel Co

Keep moving forward.

fly•wheel (n)

A revolving wheel that is used to increase a machine’s momentum and thereby providing greater stability and perpetual motion.

We are a branding and web agency in Houston, TX.

Propelled By Experience.

Our careers have been shaped by outstanding clients.


Our Company Focus.

We aspire to create things that resonate with people. Passion for what we do drives every project we take. Our constant drive to be better than we were the day before is evident in our work and relationships with clients.
This company was built to do the most quality work out there, work with brands we love (in our community and around the world) and enjoy ourselves while we’re at it. It’s easy to enjoy what you do every day when your clients are people you align with. Having a comfortable office in a great neighborhood helps too. Stop by some time.
This industry requires constant learning and excitement for the craft. As a relatively young medium, the web is constantly evolving and keeping ahead of the curve requires a love and certain insanity that isn’t for everyone.

It is for us. We love this stuff and it shows.

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